Checkin and Fees

Check-in Times and Taxes

Check-in hours and Location may vary according to each airport, please check different times:

*All departure taxes must be paid in cash at the check-in counter.

The information provided above, is for regular itineraries. For special flights consult with your preffered travel agent.

Expectant Mothers

Women with pregnancies can fly up to their 27th week, provided they carry a doctor's declaration stating that they are fit to fly. Aruba Airlines will not accept pregnant women beyond 27 weeks of pregnancy, even with doctor's approval.

Traveling with Pets

Animal transport is not allowed from  Cuba, Haiti, and Dominican Republic under the following rules: Latin American pet in general, with Aruba as a final destination whether is on holiday or because of moving, cannot be accepted for transportation according to legal regulatory framework for Aruba (for additional information, please visit the link in footer). This rule has the following exception: A passenger with the Netherlands (Netherlands, Aruba Bonaire, and/or Curacao), the United States as a departure point, may travel with a pet as long as it has documentation from the Netherlands or the United States with a valid and in order health certificate.

Baggage Fees

Carry-On Bag18 Kg (17 lb)23cm x 40 cm x 25 1 (9 in x 15.5 in x 21.5 in) Wheels and handles included Free

Baggage223 Kg (50 lb) each158 cm (62 in) Wheels and handles included Free

Extra Bag Max 2 Bags per Passenger 01 Kg - 23 Kg (2 lb - 50 lb)158 cm (62 in) Wheels and handles included USD 75,00 per bag